About Mundo

Mundo is owned by two Dutch sisters, Lourine and Nicole. Lourine has lived in Spain for more than 20 years and Nicole just moved there in 2017.

Our mother loved to cook and try new recipies. Whenever she would see something new in the supermarket she would bring it home and invent a dish with it.  Even if you didn’t like something you always had to try a little bit. It has made us curious about ingredient and flavours from different countries from an early age.

We are not vegetarian. We do like to eat and serve meat and fish but we really LOVE vegetables. We want to offer lots of vegetarian options on our menu at Mundo.

Nicole: I  love to travel and during my travels I alway looks for local dishes to try. I love to eat in small places or outside on the street or a market. Freshly made and always rich in flavour using regional spices. Then when I get home I look for recipies on the internet, look for the ingredients in one of the specialist Asian, African or Middle Eastern shops that you can find everywhere in the Netherlands and try and make the dish myself.

Lourine: I love to bake. I found out about 5 years ago that I was intollerant to gluten.  I could eat a sandwich without getting sick but the next day my body was just not feeling well and my energy levels would drop. But the passion for cakes and sweets remained so I set our to find glutenfree alternatives for all my favourite recipes. I want all of our deserts to be glutenfree so everyone can enjoy them.

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